Global Health Conference 2013

21. September 2013

The Institute for Social medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin), IPPNW and HAI-Europe offer a one-day Global Health Conference about 


"Big Pharma: Good Pharma - Bad Pharma?"




Charité Universitätsmedizin, Berlin, Germany


Registration fee

Students: 15 Euro 

Professionals: 30 Euro


Objective and Course structure 

Due to the fact that global health is not only a topic for students we decided in 2012 to add a one-day Global Health Conference open for the general public and summer school alumni. It is organized for in-depth debates on the content of the summer school: We start with Global Health challenges in general and then focus the role of pharmaceutical industry towards the medical sector, society, science and politics. The conference offers expert presentations and workshops done by the participants as well as a panel discussion at the end of the day.

The conference is relevant to medical students, public health science students as well as others working within and with health and health systems.


Course language

While most of speeches are in English, you can always choose between a German and English workshop.



Speakers come from national and international institutions of higher education. Persons with specific international health competence and experience are also part of the faculty. More details...


Conference certificate

A conference certificate will be issued at the end of the day. The Berlin Chamber of Physician certifies the Conference with 7 CME points.


Course coordination

Isabell Jehle



Course direcetor 

Dr. med. Peter Tinnemann, MPH, Charité Universitätsmedizin

Frank Uhe, IPPNW Germany

Tim Reed, Health Action International



IPPNW - Global Health Summer School 

Körtestraße 10
10967 Berlin 


Questions should be directed to on globalhealth[at]



Charité Universitätscampus Mitte

Hörsaal M 10
Philippstr. 12
10117 Berlin


Plan of grounds

Health and Globalisation Health and Globalisation Health and Globalisation

Health and Globalisation