Global Health Summer
Summer School and Conference

Global Health - In an Era of Globalization

Since 2011, t
he institute of social medicine, epidemiology and health economics of the Charité University Medical Department in Berlin and the German affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) annually invite students to attend a jointly organised Global Health Summer School in Berlin.

Global Health is a new subject that has in recent years gradually developed out from the field Public Health to become an autonomous discipline in its own right. It examines global correlations between social, political, economical and legal determinants to health. Furthermore it contributes to the development of approaches for multidisciplinary solutions addressing medical and societal challenges.

„Thinking global - acting local“ is a key consideration for Global Health. Contact with the population and civil society organisations involved in health improvement for all is therefore of vital importance.

Summer Scho

The Summer School, jointly organised by Charité and IPPNW, offers space for theoretical debate and addresses the practical application of Global Health. It also enables participants to jointly analyse complex interactions between globalisation and health. Here the focus is on problem-oriented and participant-friendly learning. Lectures by experts in the field, internet-based research, writing, small group discussion, presentation and visits to selected projects are all central aspects of the programme.

Health and Globalisation Health and Globalisation Health and Globalisation

Health and Globalisation