Global Health Conference

Preparing for permanent crisis? Reshaping global health in the aftermath of Covid-19

September 16th, 2023, 12.30 am – 8 pm; Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum

IPPNW Germany and medico international invite you to this one-day conference. We want to exchange different perspectives on global health in times of crisis and develop ideas for joint action towards Health for All.

The Covid pandemic and measures to contain it brought issues of health care and health policies to the centre of international politics and grassroots social movements alike. The pandemic highlighted global interconnectedness and the fragility of health systems and socio-economic safety nets. Above all, the pandemic exposed the divides within and between societies worldwide, as blatantly illustrated by the unequal distribution of tools for prevention and access to Covid-19 treatment and vaccines.

Three years after the first cases of Covid-19 emerged, we are facing several global crises: an ongoing human-made climate catastrophe and environmental destruction that impact the health and well-being of millions negatively and increase the likelihood of further pandemics. A brutal war of aggression in Europe, that is killing, injuring and traumatising people every day, leaving thousands more suffering from food insecurity and poverty especially in the Global South. At the same time, many countries are struggling to recover from the economic effects of the pandemic and a smothering debt burden. And to stay within the planetary boundaries a rapid move to a degrowth practices is needed in the Global North.

How can we achieve Health for All in the face of multiple global crises? What kind of “security” do we need and for whom? What lessons can we as health and social movements draw from the Covid-19 pandemic? How can we live and strengthen solidarity at the intersection of health, peace and justice?

Fee: 20€ for regular earners, voluntary contributions for all others.

(Die Konferenz ist akkreditiert von der Ärztekammer Berlin für 7 Fortbildungspunkte/ The conference is accredited by the medical association berlin for 7 continuing education credit points.)

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