Global Health Summer
Summer School and Conference

Global Health Summer School 2023 – September 16-23 in Berlin

Colliding crises: Global Health between war, security and human rights

The next summer school will take place in September 2023 at Refugio in Berlin. It will be opened by a one-day conference organised by IPPNW and medico international.

During the summer school we will look at the intersections between health, peace and human rights and ask ourselves: what kind of security can ensure well-being and a good life for all in the 21st century? A feminist and intersectional perspective will guide us in seeking solutions.

During the week-long course we will learn with and from each other: students and young activists from various countries, fields of studies and social movements will come together. We will approach the topics through workshops and small-group discussions. The participant’s workshops form a major part of the programme, focussing on the expertise and topics of interest to the people present at the summer school. Equally important is our process-oriented approach to learning. We believe that strengthening agency and critical connections between people is crucial to overcome the fragmentation effects of violence and to build solidarity. We therefore allow time for reflection, sharing of experiences and also an emotional response to the heavy topics under discussion. Skills training i.e. in non-violent communication, conflict transformation or medical peacework will be part of the programme as well.

See here for more information on the thematic focus and the programme of this year’s summer school.

Applications are now closed.

Applications are now closed

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